Maps Maps
a collection of experimental geography
Military History Military History
historical research of military service in WWI and WWII
Elements Elements
the iconography of innovation and inspiration
Annulus Bot Annulus
a project of randomly generated ring art
Supreme Law The Supreme Law
an Alexa skill that answers questions about the US Constitution
Cupola Bot Cupola Bot
the overview effect every 45 minutes on Twitter
Quick, Draw! Visualizer Drawing Visualizer
a visualization of machine learning object recognition in real time
Survey Bot Survey Bot
a responsive SMS bot for asking survey questions
Broken Arrow Bot Broken Arrow Bot
a Twitter bot of fake nuclear explosion reports (inactive)
Skyking Bot Skyking Bot
randomly generated emergency action messages on Twitter (inactive)
Request Audio Request Audio
a web plugin to convert HTTP requests into audio
Space Weather Space Weather
a space weather monitoring and alerting web service
Telescope Telescope
a geospatial web tool for wind farm terrain assessments
Risk Calculator Risk Calculator
a risk assessment tool for contract negotiations