Jon Engelsman

Jon Engelsman

I gather information to help people make well-informed & strategic decisions in both technology and business. With an engineering background in defense, energy and telecommunications, I navigate complex technical systems and messes of information to identify and communicate nuances that matter.

This website is about my love for diving into things - big things, messy things, complex things - and connecting the dots to reveal something interesting and useful. Exploring the hardware, history and hopes of new satellite constellations; unearthing meaningful moments of military history for friends and family at the National Archives; reverse engineering the data services behind Netflix’s interactive media and Google’s machine learning games; or even just putting together a list of women’s winter parkas to help friends pick a warm coat.

In a small way, this website is my own attempt at curbing the entropy of information.


Currently developing geospatial data architecture and tools at AT&T Labs Research focused on broadband investments in rural areas.


Once upon a time…


Twitter: @engelsjk

LinkedIn: jonengelsman

Email: jon@engelsjk.com