The Light Map

On how a tornado inspired me to make a map using NASA’s “Earth at Night” satellite imagery to highlight electrical generation, transmission and distribution infrastructure for editing in OpenStreetMap.

Light Map


The process of building an interactive map of ZIP codes using ZIP Code Tabulation Areas polygons.

Lest We Forget

The stories of three fallen soldiers (Victor Freed, Victor Hanson and Clarence Johnson) who died in World War I and are memorialized in Bellevue, Washington.

Bellevue WWI Memorial

Look Under Your Seat

How the simple question of “what else does Oprah own on this island other than a mansion and the book store?” led to a county’s GIS website and building a custom parcel map.

San Juan Parcels

Thoughts 19302

On the inspiration of a whale carcass, the need for minimalist map imagery tools, the anachronism of crypto homesteading and a small bit of upward induced lightning.

Thoughts 19289

On the motivation for writing more regularly, the design tapestry of consumer electronics, an idea for a text-based HTTP game, and the loss of trust in a laptop.

The SkySat Constellation at Planet

The history and technical specifications behind SkySat, the world’s largest constellation of high-resolution imaging satellites providing commercial satellite imagery and HD video since 2013.



New year, new website! I’m going to be trying out a couple of new things with this site.