New year, new website! I’m going to be trying out a couple of new things with this site.

For one, I’m launching this on a new domain, I’ll keep the old domain,, up for a little while I figure out how I want to display new content. But at some point, I’ll likely just start rerouting it to this new domain.

Also, the new website is now powered by Hexo! It’s a blog framework based on Node.js. I’ve been doing a lot of personal projects in Node.js lately, so I thought it made sense to stick with that for a blog framework. So far, I’m enjoying it!

And last, I’m trying out something new behind the scenes. This site is registered and hosted via AWS. Same idea, a lot of personal projects have been using AWS lately so why not.

My plan for this site is to publish more writing than I ever have before. A lot of it will be technical, similar to what I’ve compiled for my Github projects. But I also hope to write out a lot of the random research projects I do, partly as a showcase for a future idea but also just to get it out there.

sic itur ad astra