NewSpace Lunch & Learn at Weller

A presentation that I gave to an entrepreneurial social club on the NewSpace industry.

NewSpace Presentation

Space Talk

I was recently asked to give a lunch & learn presentation at the Weller Society, a local social club where I’ve been a member for a few months now. Since the social club is made up of a lot of small business owners and entrepreneurs, I decided to give a high level overview of what’s going on in NewSpace, the term for the current era of the private, commercial space industry.

The title of the talk was “Astropreneurs: A Look at How and Why Small Businesses are Going in to Outer Space”.


(Click on the image above to check out the presentation in full!)


I built the presentation using the fantastic HTML presentation framework, reveal.js. It provides a lot of really slick features for building out a clean, dynamic presentation and it’s all in HTML! I highly recommend checking it out.