Twitter Bots

a collection of automated media bots that I’ve built for fun

Cupola Bot

Code for the bot can be found here.

Color Mapping Bot

Annulus Bot

Annulus creates randomly generated art using annular shapes (aka rings). It creates patterns in SVG format using 8 randomly generated variables and selects color patterns from the 1000 top color palettes via COLOURlovers.

The Twitter bot tweets out randomly generated images.

There’s also a standalone version based off the original Twitter bot design which lets you generate new pieces by clicking the page. Big renders can take up to 10 seconds. Some hidden keys do other things: pressing ‘S’ enables screensaver mode, creating a new image every 5 seconds; pressing ‘D’ downloads an .svg file of the current image.

Code for the bot can be found here.

Broken Arrow Bot

A “Broken Arrow” is an accidental event involving nuclear weapons that does not create the risk of nuclear war. One example might be a US nuclear weapon exploding somewhere in the US due to some type of operational accident.

This bot simulates such an event through randomly generated scenarios:

The bot then calculates the size of a nuclear blast at that location and generates an image showing the different radii of effects, based on equations from Alex Wellerstein’s NukeMap.

This bot is currently inactive. Code for the bot can be found here.

Sky King Bot